RAMON BOF Sonar Slopping Prediction System

RAMON BOF Sonar Slopping Prediction System

It can real-time detect slag forming situation inside converter and draw tendency curve of slag layer thickness, stabilize smelting process and increase smelting efficiency. It can dynamically pre-alarmwhen slopping and drying is about to occur, improve steel quality, avoid molten iron loss and extend lining service life. It is an important tool of standardizing the steelmaking process, improving operation level and reducing labor intensity.


  • Including: multi-band frequency audio analyzer, camera system, sonic slopping and drying device, software of sonic slopping and drying detection system, etc.




  • System slag thicknesstendency curve accord with actual slag condition, coincidence rate ≥ 90%
  • Trouble free operation time ≥1 year
  • Respond time ≤1 s


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