RAMON Converter Flame Analysis System

RAMON Converter Flame Analysis System

The system analyzes the image characteristics and spectral characteristics of the converter mouth flame to accurately predict the temperature and carbon content of the molten steel and improve the end point hit ratio.


  • Including: RAMON original technology which has been awarded with six national invent patents and eight utility model patents;
  • Including: Not limited by sizes of converter;
  • Including: Indirect detection technology combine with RAMON auto blowing and cooling system, which has long service life and low maintenance;




  • Endpoint carbon: When [C]<0.15%,[C]±0.02%, prediction precision>90%;
  • Endpoint temperature: T±20℃,prediction precision>90%
  • System trouble free operation≥1 year


Product advantages

1、Realize composition and temperature prediction during process, optimize charge operation and improve synchronized control level of carbon, temperature, phosphorous, etc.

2、Fully seize flame features and predict endpoint precisely, prevent molten steel peroxidation and reduce steel charge consumption.

3、RAMON patent technology which apply with indirect detection method to detect converter status continuously, optimize charge and oxygen lance operation to hit endpoint precisely.


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