RAMON Steelmaking Automation

RAMON Steelmaking Automation

RAMON steelmaking automation technology real-time detects the slag situation inside furnace, furnace mouth flame and flue gas, a comprehensive understanding of converter smelting information, gun position and feeding action can be dynamically adjusted, the stability of the smelting process can be improved, the smelting end can be accurately hit.


  • Low requirements for converter, free from converter size.
  • Standardized operation to improve the quality of molten steel.
  • Full analysis of molten steel temperature and composition, feeding and gun position can be optimized.
  • Strong process control ability, stable smelting process, production management level can be improved.





Product advantages

1、High degree of automation. Data can be automatically collected and recorded, feeding and blowing automation can also be realized.

2、Strong dynamic control. Furnace gas analysis, sonar sloping and drying, and other technologies can improve process control capabilities.

3、High security. Using the redundant settings of different detection principle to ensure stable operation of the field production.

4、Low consumption. Probe consumption is reduced, the use efficiency of raw materials is improved.


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