RAMON Automatic Cut-in-length Control System (Laser type)

Product Introduction

The system can conduct on-line non-contact length measurement of the billt/slab by infrared imaging and laser ranging technologies. Meanwhile, it can automatically correct the length with weighing device, realizing intelligent closed-loop cutting control. The system runs stably with high precision. The weighing device effectively prevents weight error to reduce waste. It improves accurate cutting rate and yield rate, reduce rejection rate on the whole.


  • Non-contact, real-time online control with high precision;
  • Accurate weighing avoids waste;
  • Improve cut-in-length rate and yield rate, reduce rejection rate.




  • Measurement precision(mm):<2;
  • Control precision(mm):<±5;
  • Response time (ms):<20;
  • Cutting lengh control range (Customizable)2~20


Product advantages

  • Generally in order to avoid short billet, the set cutting length is longer than the required length. The extra part will be cut off during rolling. The system can effectively prevent the waste caused by shorting cutting. According to the application effect analysis, the specified length is 6m, and the cutting precision has been increased by 20mm, the average yield rate has been increased by 0.33%.
  • Improve the steel yield rate. The defective rate caused by short cutting is about 0.1% when cutting length control is not accurate. Therefore, high-precision cutting control system can increase the finished product rate by 0.1%.


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