RAMON Continuous Casting SlabSurface Defect on-line Detection System

Production Description

This system appliesmachine vision, machine learning, and patternrecognition technology to obtain continuous casting slab surface image online andrealtime analyze & recognize surface image defects, then confirms types of defects, preciselypositioning and generates defects datasheet, further moreit will judge products quality according torelevant quality judgmentrules.


  • High resolution and high recognition rate.
  • Intellectually learning algorithm; data processing rapidly; realizingonline defect detection, recognition and alarming; it has thorough defects database and standard image datebaseof different steel grades.
  • It can realize automatically surface quality judgment.




  • Detection application:Continuous casting;
  • System resolution:0.25mm x 0.25mm ;
  • Applicable speed of detected object:<20m/s
  • Detection rate of normal defects:90%
  • Defect types to be detected:Longitudinal crack, transverse crack, steel pit, slag inclusion, double teeming, scratch, corner crack, etc.


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