RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System

Product Introduction

The system transmits electrical energy via cables instead of using hydraulic pipeline to transmit hydraulic oil to produce pressure energy. It replaces hydraulic cylinder with digital servo electric actuator to drive the mould of dozens of tons to realize non-sinusoidal oscillation. Electric actuator has higher control precision than hydraulic cylinder, requiring less maintenance and is energy-saving and environment-friendly. It can significantly improve the surface quality. The system has been widely applied to slab, billet/bloom, round billet/bloom, beam blank, etc., with the application over 1000 strands.


  • Realize non-sinusoidal oscillation, and online adjust oscillation amplitude, frequency and waveform function, etc;
  • Improve surface quality by improving mould lubrication condition to reduce depth of oscillation marks;
  • Convenient installation and maintenance, requiring shorter time and lower cost;
  • High control precision, multi-actuator synchronous movement can achieve mould linear or simulated arc movement;
  • Increase casting speed to increase steel yield.
  • Set and store various waveform according to different steel grade and cross section.
  • Digital storage of oscillation parameters to master the quantitative relation between slab quality and oscillation parameters;
  • Lower energy consumption and better stability compared with hydraulic oscillation.




  • Oscillation frequency (adjustable online) cpm:0~400 ;
  • Amplitude (adjustable online)mm:0~10;
  • Deflective rate (adjustable online)mm:0~40%;
  • Vertical deviation (mm):±0.1;
  • Lateral deviation (mm):<±0.1;
  • Amplitude deviation (mm):<±0.1;


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