RAMON Character Recognition System

Product Introduction

It can recognize billet character throughmachine visual technology, and steel mill can combine it with Ramon automatic marking system to realize production management and quality track management.





  • Character recognition rate:≥98% ;
  • Single billet recognition time:Fixed type<0.5s,Portable type<1s;
  • Continuous work time:Fixed type>1year,Portable type>8h;
  • System historical data retention time:>3 months (customizable);


Product advantages

Fixed type character recognition system:

  • Quick photo capture in production which will not affect production pace.
  • Detailed historical data record (datasheet and photos)whichis convenient for billet tracing.
  • It can perform recognition both in daytime and night, which is with good anti-interfere ability and less affected by light.
  • It is not affected by character orientation.
  • Portable type character recognition system

  • It can recognize several photos in one pile, as well as, several billets in one photo.
  • Friendly HMI interface, one-key type automatic recognition, less manual interference.


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