RAMON Automatic Powder Feeding System

Product Introduction

RAMON has developed various types of automatic powder feeding systems, catering to different mould cross sections, by applying powder feeding nozzle trajectory control technology. It can realize satisfy the process requirement of less, frequent and even feeding.


  • Less, frequent and even feeding without dead end;
  • Different types for different cross section and onsite conditions;
  • Intelligent hopper prevents powder from agglomeration;
  • Avoid uneven, excessive or insufficient manual feeding.Reduce labor intensity and costs, improve automation management.




  • The maximum rotation speed of sevo electrical actuator 4800RPM
  • Lateral moving speed ≤100mm/s
  • The lateral stroke of the ca ≤1500mm
  • Hopper volume 150~360L or as required
  • Powder feeding speed 0~8Kg/min×2
  • Width of powder feeding ≤3000mm


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