RAMON Online Mould Width & Taper Adjustment System in Slab Caster

Product Introduction

The system adopts mature ac servo control technology. It controls the narrow sides of the slab mould through 4 digital servo actuators to realize the online adjustment of the width and taper of mould. It can shorten the time of changing section and improve production efficiency.


  • Online and continues width and taper adjustment with high control precision;
  • Online and continues width and taper adjustment with high control precision;
  • One key operation can realize automatic cross section width alignment;
  • Reduce waste slab caused by section changing and increase the metal yield rate;/li>
  • Change the cross section without shutdown to improve equipment utilization rate and production efficiency.




  • Width adjusting speed (single side) (mm/min):0~200;
  • Taper error (mm):≤±0.3 ;
  • Upper and lower dimension error (mm):≤±0.3;
  • Max actuator thrust (kN):200;
  • Width adjusting range:Customized design;


Product advantages

  • Reduce the loss brought by second casting startup due to changing the cross section;
  • Online width adjustment to realize diversified and intelligent production and adapt to the requirements of small quantity and multiple specifications.
  • Reduce the consumption of tundish accessories brought by casting startup times.


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