RAMON Stopper Digital Control System

Product Introduction

The system adopts embedded stopper control system and mould level measurement system together. It can realize automatic mould level control to meet the requirements of constant speed and constant level. It is a necessity to stabilize the operation, avoid breakout or overflow accident, and improve the casting quality.


  • Adopting Ramon patent technology – embedded type stopper control mechanism. Electric actuator has long service life and can be mounted and dismounted more easily.
  • Manual or automatic control mode can be switched instantly, without delay or brake.
  • The output stopper position won’t be changed when the system detects error. It will alarm and warn the customer to switch to manual operation.
  • Fast system response can effectively reduce the molten steel level fluctuation, occurred by external factors, such as quick casting speed adjustment, severe tundish level fluctuation, or nozzle flocculent flow.
  • Has the function of flocculent flow detection, and automatic stopper-rod shocking and shaking.
  • Has the function of automatic casting start-up, automatic fluxline adjustment, intelligent breakout or overflow prediction, and automatic processing.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis. Quickly locate the fault area on the main interface and find the fault cause.
  • Remote diagnosis function for users to remotely check or provide guidance.




  • Stopper control precision (mm):±0.01;
  • Mould level control range:≤±3mm;
  • System response time (s):0.1;
  • Crossbeam working temperature (℃):≤900 (Crossbeam material: ZG30Cr20Ni10)


Product advantages

  • Reduce labor cost.
  • Molten steel level fluctuation is ±3mm. Hit rate is up to 99%. Reduce the quality problems caused by slag entrapment or slag inclusion.
  • Reduce the rate of breakout and overflow.


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