RAMON Mould Level Measurement System (Cs-137 Type)

Product Introduction

RAMON radioactive source type mould level measurement system uses isotope Cesium 137 as radioactive source and BGO crystal as the crystal of detector. In this method, based on the ray penetration theory, calculation is carried out accurately with comprehensive consideration of the thickness of copper tube wall, water jacket wall and water gap,the required measurement accuracy and measurement range. The real time mould level signal is sent to the related instrument to control the casting speed and stopper rod.


  • Adoption of Cs-137 as the radioactive source which can reduces the radiation intensity and much easier to be shielded and more secure.
  • Adoption of new type sensor improves the detection accuracy.
  • Built-in type sensor can be online easily mounted or dismounted, no need extra water cooling.
  •  The sensor and instrument is connected via single-core coaxial cable with low failure rate.




  • Measurement range(mm):100-200;
  • Measurement precision(mm):±2;
  • Response time (s):0.1~0.8;


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