RAMON Surface Quality Detection System for Continuous Rolling

RAMON Surface Quality Detection System for Continuous Rolling

This system applies machine vision, machine learning, and pattern recognition technology to obtain Hot & Cold Rolled Strip Steel/Aluminum Surface image on line and realtime analyze & recognize surface image defects, thus to then confirms types of defects, to precisely positioning precisely and to generates defects datasheet, further more and it will decide onjudge products quality using according to relevant decision quality judgment rules


  • High resolution and high recognition rate
  • Intellectually learning algorithm; data processing rapidly; realizing oOnline defect detection, recognition and alarming can be realized; it has thorough defects database and standard image datebase of different of steel grades standard graphics base.
  • It can realize automatically surface quality judgment




  • Detection application Hot rolling, cold rolling, strip aluminum
  • System resolution 0.25mm x 0.25mm
  • Applicable detection speed of jobs <20m/s
  • Detection rate of normal defects >90%
  • Defect types to be detected Hot rolled: oxide, roll marks, inclusion, scratch, peeling, edge crack, etc.
  • Defect types to be detected Cold rolled: scale, hole, folding, edge wave, indentation, rust, etc
  • Defect types to be detected Strip aluminum: concave and convex point, roll marks, adhibiting scar on both sides, inclusion, foreign matter indentation, black silk, color aberration, etc.


Product advantages

Different lighting solutions have been developed, catering to different materials of various industries to be detected, to make the CCD camera cover all the defects on the surface of the strip. 

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