Ramon Electromagnetic Ultrasonic FlawDetection System

Ramon Electromagnetic Ultrasonic FlawDetection System

Piezoelectric ultrasonic flawdetection has following disadvantages, such as, it requires coupling agent, the omission ratio is high, detecting speed is low, it cannot detect high temperature objects, etc. To overcome such disadvantages, Ramon has developed brand new electromagnetic ultrasonic flaw detection system, and it is not requiring coupling agent, zero omissionratio, high detection speed, high temperature resistance, and good repeatability. And it can precisely detect lamination, blowhole, inclusion, bubble, internal crack, etc. for objects to be detected, as well as, calculate sizes and location of those defects.


  • Non contact type detection, no need for coupling agent, detection result is stable and sensor service life is long;
  • Applicable for high temperature detection;
  • Not affected by factors such as surface greasy dirt, rust of objects, and can be directly detected
  • High detection speed can reach up to 2m/s and shorted detection time significantly;
  • Even ultrasonic wave field can be transited by electromagnetic ultrasonic, which can make detection sensitivity at each zone evenly, and defects detection ability is strong.
  • Low labor cost, low water and electricity consumption.




  • Omission ratio 0
  • False alarm rate ≤1%
  • Repeatability >98%
  • Thickness of object to be detected 6-300
  • Speed of object to be detected ≤2
  • Applicable minimum defect Φ2
  • Signal to noise ration ≥6
  • Edge dead zone of object to be detected ≤15
  • Temperature of object to be detected -40~650
  • Service life of sensor(year) >1


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