RAMON Medium-thin Slab Online Thickness Measure And Control System

Product Introduction

System adopts high voltage variable X-ray tube as ray source, the system software automatically adjusts the voltage of powder supply high pressure and X ray tube current, which produces energy size and density variable x-rays. Completed by high sensitivity sensor transformation of X-ray - charge through the special-purpose again signal processing circuit complete measuring signal processing, finally by computer to complete measurement data acquisition, processing, output and display work.


  • It is suitable for hot & cold rolling mill to measuring the thickness and control the process;
  • The energy of X-ray varies as the thickness to ensure high precision and low leakage shoot rate
  • X-ray source that contains lead screen could achieve X-ray window screening and open fast through covering beam device;
  • cooling water circulation system that can control the water temperature to ensure the cooling effect of X-ray tube, receiver, thermo detector, etc.
  • C frame size can be determined on user requirement, and it is portable;
  • Real time diagnosis, adjust the system parameters online;
  • Alloy composition and temperature compensation function;
  • Flexible interface of mill computer, windows uses friendly;
  • Each section of equipment is modularized, preserved conveniently, key parts are of choice among famous brand quality products.





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