RAMON Robot Temperature Measuring and Sampling System

RAMON Robot Temperature Measuring and Sampling System

RAMON Robot Temperature Measuring and Sampling System is a high-performance automatic intelligent equipment, which adopts an industrial robot as operating platform,utilizing the flexible robot to automatic install probe on the measuring lance and automatic insert probe into molten steel to realizing temperature measuring and sampling, as well as dismount obsolete probes. With features ofhigh automation level, easy operation, safe and reliable.


  • The system adopts industrial robot as a platform, with flexible action, and strong adaptability to environment and working condition;
  • High automation level, realize whole process automation of temperature measuring and sampling;
  • High safety. Using robot to replace manual operation, reduce the harmcaused by high temperature radiation, molten steel, steel slag splashing;
  • With molten steel level detection function, can automatically adjust the insertiondepth of the measuring lance in the molten steel, temperature measuring and sampling results are stable;
  • Automatic cooling of measuring lance by compress air, long service life;
  • Remote monitoringsystem can real-time remote monitor the system working status, to realize pre-alarm and pre-maintenance;
  • Measuring lance adopts split typequick mount&dismount structure, easy maintenance;
  • Easy and friendly operation;
  • High reliability, low maintenance.




  • Temperature measurement success rate of molten steel: 96%;
  •  Sampling success rate of molten steel: 96%;
  •  Success rate ofprobe automatic clamping and dismantling: ≥98%;
  • Molten steel level detection accuracy:±50mm;
  • Repeatedpositioning deviation of probe insertion:≤50mm;
  • Singletime measuring/samplingperiod:≤60s;
  • Storable capacity: 20 pieces of temperature measuring probe, 20 pieces of sampling probe.(customizable).


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