RAMON Robot Labeling System

RAMON Robot Labeling System

RAMON Robot Labeling System is based on professional printer, intelligent robot, special welding machine, and heat-resistant labels to meet quick and informativemarking requirement.


  • Realize intelligent labeling to avoid manual mistake and reduce labor cost;
  • It canrepetitively endure high temperature up to 800℃ with firm fixing method;
  • The label contains large amount of information of various types, which is standard and clear to be recognized easily;
  • Single labeling time is short.




  • Font type Numerals, alphabets, special symbol, logo, barcode, QR code, etc;
  • Label specification length*width: (40-150) * (40-80)mm;
  • Temperature range: -40~1200℃;
  • Single labeling time: ≤15S;


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