RAMON Robot Spraying System

RAMON Robot Spraying System

System adoptsindustrial robot as a platform, andituses spray gun to spray special heat-resistant paint by compressed air on the surface of the workpiece to form character.





  • Workpiece surface temperature: 200~1000℃ (Object to be marked);
  • Font size: 40~200mm (Adjustable);
  • Font type Numeral: 0-9:letter: A-Z;
  • Surface roughness allowed: ≤±5mm;
  • Positioning time: ≤10s;
  • Marking speed:1s/character (single gun);Font height:100mm


Product advantages

  • It realizes automatic marking to improve working conditions, prevent manual error, and save labor cost;
  • It can spray on multiple areas of the object flexibly;
  • Full automatic detection and high-precision laser positioning.
  • The clear character will not fall off after repeated heating. The font size can be adjusted;
  • Suitable for high-temperature dusty conditions with high reliability, easy operation and low maintenance.


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