RAMON Robot Welding System

RAMON Robot Welding System

The system can provide all kinds of standard and customized solutions for welding. The robot is equipped with sliding rail of different structures and positioner to meet the welding demands of various structural parts.


  • Path tracking accuracy:≤0.1mm;
  • Welding gap:≤3mm;
  • Weldingseam position deviation:≤5mm;
  • Welding method:Gas shielded welding, spot welding;
  • Tracking method:Arc welding seam tracking, laser welding seam tracking.




  • With the function of self-adaptive adjustment of welding parameters, it can online automatically adjust swing amplitude, swing frequency, and welding speed;
  • Parameterized programmingapplies reasonable welding sequence and welding torch posture to ensure good welding quality and beautiful welding seam;
  • It has high-sensitivity anti-collision detection function to achieve self-protection.


Product advantages

  • Improve welding quality stably;
  • Improve production efficiency;
  • Realize welding automation and replace manual operation.


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