RAMON Robot Auto Powder Feeding System

RAMON Robot Auto Powder Feeding System

Ramon Intelligent Robot Auto Powder Feeding System is an high performance automation equipment which adopts an industrial robot as platform, feeds the powder fromhopper into the mould through quantitative powder feeding device. It has the features of high automation level, easily operation, evenly powder feeding, safe and reliable running.


  • Powder feeding is stable; feeding thickness is even; working environment is clean without raising dust.
  • Powder feeding track is flexible; feeding track and powder feeder moving speed can be adjusted by programming; powder feeding volume can be adjusted to meet powder feeding requirements of different cross sections.
  • Applicable powder range is wide,system is reliable, less maintenance.
  • Can reduce labor intensity and realize automatic unmanned operation.




  • Max section for powder feeding: 2800mm×320mm;
  • Max powder feeding speed: 4.5kg/min;
  • Max hopper volume: 50-250kg(Customizable);
  • Applicable powder types: dry powder, granular powder, hollow powder.


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