Ramon Temperature & Oxygen Measuring Probe

Product Introduction

It can measure molten steel temperature and active oxygen content rapidly and accurately, which is crucial factor for steelmaking and product quality control.


This system provides effective data support to improve molten steel quality, ensure product qualification rate, increase finished product ration, and reduce material consumption.




Oxygen probing parameters(High oxygen)

  • Range:20~1500 ppm
  • Active oxygen measure deviation:± 10%;
  • Successful measure rate:98%
  • Application :Oxygen and carbon probing In Convertor or EAF
  • Oxygen probing parameters(Low oxygen)

  • Range :0~20 ppm
  • Active oxygen measure deviation:± 1 ppm
  • uccessful measure rate:95%
  • Application:Oxygen and carbon probing in LF or RHF

Temperature measure parameters

  • Temperature measure:R / S type
  • Range:1450oC~1750oC
  • Standard deviation:< 3 ℃


Product advantages

  • High measure precision, good stability and fast response speed.
  • Aluminum content measurement can be confirmed by active oxygen measurement.
  • Oxygen battery and instruments are fully independent developed.


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