RAMON Continuous Caster Revamping

Project Introduction

Continuous caster revamping is to solve the problems arising in the production process, such as high breakout rate, casting speed increasing, and new steel grade developing, etc.

Product Advantages

1. RAMON electric mould non-sinusoidal oscillation system can increase the casting speed, maintain good stripping effect and improve the surface quality.
2. RAMON mould level measurement and stopper digital control system can stabilize the mould level to prevent slag entrapment and breakout.
3. RAMON dynamic secondary cooling water distribution system can real-time adjust the water amount according to the casting speed, to optimize the cooling effect.
4. Tundish flow field optimization design is good for inclusion floating, to improve the effect of tundish secondary smelting.
5. Optimization and upgrading of guiding section and withdrawal and straightening machine.

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