Ramon Steelmaking Automation —— One-key steelmaking, easy to control smelting process

Product Introduction
This system integrates theoretical calculation, expert experience and advanced online detection method, and it uses computer and PLC to control converter blowing operation, and can enhance converter process control, increase both hit rate of carbon and oxygen, shorten smelting period, increase productivity and reduce raw material consumption and production cost.

Product Advantages
1、For processes as material, blowing, tapping, lining protection and remote monitoring on each sub system, closed loop auto control can be realized, which can increase process control of BOF steelmaking.
2、All sub system can build relevant metallurgy model according to process requirement. Through necessary detection and data acquisition sub system, it can conduct data transmission into model and modify it, to ensure that the entire steelmaking process data is true. Model will modify and instruct steelmaking as per actual situation.
3、Automatic control is realized during entire process and increase endpoint hit rate, shorten smelting time, improve productivity and reduce cost.

1、Realize integration of process, equipment and automatic control, thus to satisfy requirements of precise control in BOF smelting.   
2、Improve automatic control and management, increase use rate of material, and reduce smelting error and cost.
3、Enhance automation control, reduce human error, reduce labor intensity and realize safe production.

Blowing control system

Tapping control system

Lining protection control system

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