"One Key"type LF Automatic Refinery Technology

1. Heat up of power supply (electrical features analysis)

2. Slag forming and de-sulfuration
3. Argon blow control
4. Alloying model
5. Auto temperature measuring and sampling
6. Auto micro-alloy charging
7. Auto electrode jointing

Power supply

Electrical feature analysis can be done to select proper power supply point location (including voltage and current levels), to reduce power and electrode consumption.

Slag forming

Slag forming system and target slag system is not clear, and there is no classification as per steel grade requirement. Slag formation in advance and lack of consideration on submerged arc.


Poor control precision on argon blow system. There is no quantification in control method and lack of effective measures. Matching of wire feeding and argon blow system is not considered. Parameter selection of Ca feeding. Matching of wire feeding position and ladle bottom blow structure.


System matching of slag forming, bottom blowing and power supply.

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