Xingsha Science and Technology Park's Major Project is Completely Accepted

With the full cooperation from every unit, it takes almost 7 months to complete the acceptance of RAMON Xingsha Science and Technology Park’s major project.

The project team now has entered the phase of decoration. Each site construction worker is making full use of their time to pave the wall and floor, to install the door, windows and ceiling and other projects in order to ensure the final realization of the projects' purpose.

Fire control, weak electricity, and air conditioning, these three sub-teams have basically completed the plumbing and wiring locating. The site leaders and managers are trying their best to guarantee Xingsha Science and Technology Park becomes "The High Quality Project in Hunan Province" by means of inspecting strictly on the materials and qualities as well as standardizing the construction operation.

According to the latest progress of the project schedule arranged by the general contractor, the following information is known. At the end of April, all decoration projects will be finished. In May, the project team will start the bidding for outdoor projects. It is expected that RAMON Xingsha Science and Technology Park will be formally put into production, and at that time it will definitely add a touch brighter laster[a1] in the Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone. We can hold a strong belief that in Hunan, the center of economic and technical development, RAMON will create a much brighter future

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