RAMON 2017 New Year’s Day art show was successfully held

December 29, 2016, RAMON 2017 New Year's Day art show and awards ceremony was held. RAMON has the honor to invite the Central South University Powder Metallurgical Institute dean Huang Qizhong, Central South University Materials Institute office director Cai Zhenyang, Hunan University Materials Institute youth league committee secretary Zhang Jingkai, the party committee deputy secretary Cheng Liming, Beijing Renren Desai Law Firm Liu Xin, Valin Iron and Steel Group Cai Huantang couples and other experts and leaders as a guest to attend this ceremony, in addition, RAMON CEO Tian Lu, manager Jiang Furong, executive vice-general manager Li Bing and other corporate leaders and all the RAMON staff attended the annual ceremony. The CEO Tian Lu, extended a warm welcome to all the leading guests and delivered the most sincere New Year greetings! This ceremony was composed of two parts: the art show and the awards ceremony. The show was not only songs and dances, but also elegant musical instrument performance, beautiful melody, graceful dance, and high-pitched song to bring a sensation feast to the audience. In addition, the party showed more exciting annual awards, a grand award ceremony made all the award-winning staff excited, the award-winning staff from the heart expressed thanks to the platform provided by the company, thanks to the help provided by colleagues, everyone was happy for the award-winning staff at the same time also looking forward to becoming the next lucky one! Happy time is always short and beautiful, in a atmosphere of joy, the RAMON 2017 New Year's Day art show and awards ceremony slowly came to an end. From 2016 to 2017, RAMON tomorrow will be more brilliant because of your presence!

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