RAMON and Shagang Group signed the intelligent manufacturing strategy partner agreement


On October 15, 2016, RAMON team members were led by CEO Mr. Tian to meet Mr. Shen Wenrong, chairman of the board of Shagang Group and the senior management team of Shagang Group for the topic of intelligent manufacturing of steel industry. The two sides firstly discussed the current situation of the steel industry, looked ahead the development of Industry 4.0 in the field of steel industry. Subsequently, RAMON gave a comprehensive introduction on Shagang intelligent manufacturing overall design scheme. After friendly talks, the two sides reached a consensus in the further promotion of Shagang automation, informatization, intelligence construction and signed a partnership agreement, developed a clear direction and promotion plan for the intelligence revamp of Shagang Group. To cooperate with RAMON, Shagang Group will use two whole process production lines (electric furnace - refining - continuous casting - rolling, converter - refining - continuous casting - rolling) four workshops to build the model demonstration workshops of intelligent steel plant.

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