RAMON dedicated to build One Key Ordering type intellectual workshop from steelmaking material to hot rolled production.

Characters and Targets of Intellectual Workshop

Intellectual workshop

Standardization, Intellectualization, Informatization, Automation, Workflow

Targets of intellectualization

Informatization, Visualization, Massive Date Analysis, Technical process Analysis, “Mechanization, Automation”

To ensure stability and safety of production, increase work efficiency and stabilize product quality.

Take Informatization as effective measures:

Computer Technology, Network Technology, Database Technology, Integration Control Information

To realize information sharing and effective utilization, increase management efficiency and economic benefit.

RAMON makes use of technical advantages from independent innovated products and services in steel industry more than 20 years, to conduct intellectual management and control on material management, production, quality, energy consumption and environment safety.

Production process

Locating and tracking (molten steel, steel ladle, casting billet, wire rod, logistics)

Automation and modeling (steelmaking, refinery, continuous casting and steel rolling)

Automatic monitoring (thermal detection, smoke detection, temperature, humidity, harmful gas, dust, etc. )

Environment protection and Safety

Intellectual Logistics Network

Automation and Intellectualization Production Line (Intellectual manufacturing process)

Environment and safety monitoring platform


Intellectualization management platform (Integral control and massive data center)

Production Management, Equipment Monitoring, Integral Control, Intellectual Optimization

Quality control and Consistent management platform

Product: (process quality control, product record tracing and after sale service)

Energy monitoring intellectual optimization platform

Energy: (monitoring and auto analysis on water, power, gas, coal, oil, etc.)


Intellectual logistics: conduct intellectual locating and real time tracking for complete flow from raw material manufacturing, logistics, intermediate billet and finished products, and to realize material automatic dispatch.


Intellectual Logistics

Intellectual Warehouse Management:

Unmanned overhead system, Location management in warehouse, Logistics and transport system, PDA delivery system, Intellectual forklift terminal

Intellectual manufacturing: Widely apply intellectual manufacturing facilities such as robotic arms, and robots to take place of traditional manual operation, together with relevant model calculation, to realize entire production line intellectualization for steelmaking, refinery, continuous casting and steel rolling.


Intellectual Robots

Sampling robot、Furnace installation and dismantlement robot、Slag removing robot for refinery、Automatic powder feeding robot、Hot spray robot、Labeling robot、Welding robot、Dimension inspection robot、Bundling robot

Converter EAF Refinery Continuous casting Steel rolling

Intellectual quality management and control: for key working process, adopting intellectual quality inspection devices to realize automatic on line detection, alarming and diagnostic analysis.


Intellectual management-Quality Integral Platform

Automatic steelmaking model,One key refinery model,Automatic casting model,Automatic burning model,Automatic steel rolling model,Surface defects model
Steelmaking, Refinery, Continuous casting, Heating, Rolling, After rolling,Molten steel quality model, Casting billet grading model, Surface quality inspection, Casting billet grinding model, Performance prediction model, Surface quality inspection, Steel coil grading model
Molten steel automatic analysis and decision, Casting billet automatic analysis and decision , Steel coil automatic analysis and decision
Intellectual energy management and control: Energy resource consumption can realize intellectual monitoring. It can establish integrated management and monitoring system for energy, and equipments can be applied to realize monitoring and controlling; It can establish production consumption predicting model, to conduct real time monitoring and auto analyzing on consumption of water, power, gas, coal, oil, etc. in work shop, thus to realize optimization, balance predicting and effective management on resources and energy.


Intellectual Management-Energy Management and Control

Comprehensive Energy Management

Company Mills Zones Production lines Working procedure Loop circuit Equipment


second minutes hour shift day week month year

Management Planning Data Information

Control PLC

Production configuration Normal power Power generation supply  Water distribution system Coal gas system Environment protection monitoring

Energy management MES

Energy actual performance Energy balance Operation instruction Equipment running Analysis and calculation Energy saving model

Trend curve Medium balance Trouble shooting Accident records Energy consumption analysis析Optimized analysis



Finance Costing Power Workflow Spare Planning

Intellectual environment safety monitoring: According to workshop manufacturing features and requirements, intellectual monitoring, adjusting and handling system related with workshop environments (thermal detection, smoke detection, temperature, humidity, harmful gas, dust, etc.) , to realize intellectual control for industry sanitation, safety production, environment automatic monitoring, automatic detection, automatic alarming, etc., in workshop.


Benefit Producing

01. Manufacturing

1 day delivery period

+8% overall efficiency

-10% production line personnel

-5% Downtime

-50% Customer complaints

02.  Process

-20%Qaulity loss

+5% Yielding rate

-10% Fluctuations of production

+5℃ Hit rate of temperature


03. Energy

-5% Energy consumption of steel in tons

-10KG Standard coal

04 . Maintenance

-15% Maintenance time

RAMON, footing on technology frontier, and dedicating to innovation. Keep exploring intelligence-connect for steel industrial.

Intelligence changes the world!  Information connects the future!



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